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NMR spectrometers are highly sophisticated devices, that is they are also extremely sensible.

NMR-spectrometers are used by many operators. They have to be handled with the utmost care to guarantee a smooth operation.

The following general instructions/rules must be followed to ensure smooth operation and to avoid damages to the spectrometers.

1. Personal Safety Issues

Persons with pacemakers, hearing aids, metallic and/or electronic implants are prohibited entering the NMR room (shielded magnetic fields).

Leave immediately the room in case of a "quench" (sudden evaporation of liquid He) or when the O2 sensor is activated.




The general instructions of the department also apply (rules of the house (intranet)) in the NMR labs.

The NMR-group is neither in charge of nor responsible for the personal safety of the users.

2. Training/access/use

Prior to operating the routine spectrometers a practical introduction is obligatory. 

The introduction will be held exclusively by the NMR-Group.

Measurements of samples for practical classes will exclusively be performed by their assistants who have been introduced to the NMR use. 

The use of the spectrometers for commercial purposes is not allowed.

3. Care/Responsibility of the Users

Do not

Push/move/physically interefere with the magnet, sample changer, probeheads, electronic console.

Interfere with the computers.

Use broken or shortened tubes.
Broken tubes are much more fragile and can break when the changer grab it.

Use too few or too much solvent (ideally, 0.6 mL, i.e. solvent height 4.5-5 cm).


Only use NMR tubes of good quality which you get at the DCB Materialausgabe.

Put your sample in the correct folder (labeled).

Check the adjustement between the blue spinner and your tube. The tube must hold securely.

Pick up your tubes immediately after the measurement is finished and put the spinner turbines away in the dedicated blue suitcase.

Delete the experiment job on the ICONNMR interface (select + delete).

Whoever causes damages by gross negligent operating errors will be held responsible for the damage.

Try to

keep the experimental time as short as possible: do I really need a 32 scans 1H (GA/GC 300)?

keep salt concentration under 150 mM/L


submitting a series of tubes (>5) during the "rush hours" (9-17).

4. Lab Rules

Eating, drinking, and smoking are prohibited in the NMR room.

The NMR room has to be kept clean.

User- and measurement instructions posted by the NMR group have to be followed.

Spinner turbines and sample height adjuster remain in the NMR-lab. Lost material will be charged to the groups.

5. Maintenance

The NMR-group is in charge of and responsible for the maintenance of the spectrometer.

During maintenance, the spectrometers are not accessible.

N2-filling takes place on Monday. The spectrometer will be not available for around 1 hour.

6. NMR contact persons

Group Albrecht: Pamela Viktoria Sofie Nylund

Group Häner: Dr. Simon Matthias Langenegger

Group Hevia: Leonie Bole Julia

Group Lochner: Philipp Grossenbacher

Group Paradisi: Keir Robert Raphael Penston

Group Renaud: Elena Pruteanu

Group Reymond: Aline Lucie Carrel

Group Solomek: Kovida Kovida