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Each research group is free to chose the suitable NMR data processing software for its needs.

The NMR group is not responsible for the maintenance of any software and/or server.

Softwares for NMR Data Processing (list not exhaustive)

There are currently several NMR processing software available, for instance:

>> SpinWorks



(Bruker - Free for academia)

>> Mnova




A lot of NMR software solutions are described on NMR Wiki

  Spectral Analysis Programs

  Non-spectral data visualization

  Structure Calculation

  Automated assignment programs

  Relaxation and dynamics analysis

  Data validation software

  Molecular Visualization

  Simulation Programs

NMR Simulations

>> nmrdb.org from the Universidad del Valle

Predict 1H/13C/COSY/HSQC/HMBC NMR spectras (Online & Free)

>> WINDNMR-Pro from the University of Wisconsin

Modify spectral parameters (chemical shifts, couplings, linewidth, vertical and horizontal expansion, etc.), simulate AB, AB2, ABX, ABX3, AA'BB', AA'XX' patterns 3-Spin to 8-Spin coupled spin systems and much more (Expert & Free)

>> Glycan tools from a huge international team

Plant&Fungal CSDB, statistical and hybrid 13C NMR simulation, statistical 1H NMR simulation, 2D NMR simulation, NMR-based structure prediction module (GRASS), (Expert & Free)


List for NMR Simulations is not exhaustive