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The NMR Service may be used for non-routine NMR experiments such as any homo- and heteronuclear 2D, 1D of heteronuclei other than 13C or 31P or experiments at low (down to 173 K) and high (up to 373 K) temperature respectively.

To ensure high spectral quality and high sample throughput the following guidelines should be followed:

1. NMR-Tubes, Sample Preparation

Only use NMR tubes of good quality which you get at the DCB Materialausgabe.

do not use damaged tubes or tubes of reduced length (may cause severe problems with sample changer).

use adequate sample volumes (filling height 4-4.5cm).

sample solutions should be free of any suspended matter.

2. Sample Submission, Supplements, Sample Storage

when submitting a sample enclose the following:

completed blue form NMR-Auftragsformular (incl. sample amount, solvent, experiments to be performed,...)

300 MHz 1H spectrum of the sample (full ppm range, parameter list) carrying the file name given on the NMR form

indicate signals of target protons (with arrows) in case of selective experiments (e.g. 1D NOE)

Store the prepared NMR tube (using the lower part of the blue form as the tag) in the freezer (253 K) outside of the NMR laboratory, except for solvents with low temperature freezing points (DMSO, D2O, Benzene...).

samples submitted without a 300MHz 1H reference spectrum and/or with incomplete sample information (solvent, amount, ...) will be refused !

3. NMR Data

NMR data will be stored on the NMR server (in the corresponding  spectrometer folder) as soon as the experiment has been performed under the file name given on the NMR-Auftragsformular.

the NMR data consists of the fully processed spectra and the raw data and will be stored in the orginal BRUKER/UNIX format.

the NMR data will be deleted from the FTP server after 4 weeks and we are no longer responsible for archiving your data.

to get the NMR data use a FTP-client (Windows explorer, FileZilla® , etc.) or download it as ZIP file direct from the data.php site on our group homepage (only inside the intranet).